USC Football Recruiting: Jason Hatcher Tweets Allegiance To Trojans

College football recruiting is about as consistent as dating in high school: one minute, a star athlete is in love with a program and dreaming to go to a particular university, and the next, he is giving that school the cold shoulder and gushing over another.

USC is no stranger to this dynamic, but this year has been especially exciting, upsetting, and altogether exhausting. With National Signing Day around the corner, one might thing the drama had mellowed out, save for a few surprises still to be had next Wednesday.

You would be wrong in thinking that.

Last Tuesday, DE Jason Hatcher tweeted that he had de-committed from USC. Two days later, Hatcher said that USC was indeed still in the mix for him, as well as his Louisville in his hometown. The interesting thing though was that he deleted his previous tweet where he claimed to be de-committing, and even told a fellow athlete that he is indeed committed to USC. To thicken the plot, Steve Jones from the Louisville Courier-Journal tweeted that Hatcher had planned a visit to Louisville for this past weekend, the same time he had previously planned a visit to Florida. Jones continued to say that Hatcher would wait until National Signing Day to make his final decision.

That brings us to Monday night, when Hatcher broke his social media silence regarding his recruitment with this gem:


So is he committed? Is he not committed? Is he messing with us on Twitter? Does any of this even matter since it won’t be official until Feb. 6, anyway?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, it looks as if we will all have to tune in next week for a new installment of USC Football Recruiting: National Signing Day edition, when Hatcher and the rest of the Class of 2013 commits will pen their allegiance to the Trojans and put all burning questions to rest.

Getcha popcorn ready, folks; Feb. 6 is going to get crazy.

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  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    I said last week that if hatcher and his parents cared at all about his future, they would choose usc. Not because usc is an nfl factory, but because a USC diploma means something. I don’t think you can say that for his other options…at least not to the same degree. I certainly want him to play for the Trojans, but if he doesn’t want to come, well move on without him, just like he will move on. This is usc, one recruit doesn’t make or break our past, present or future. I think he’d be a great fit here in Clancys system. And I thik he will benefit from orgeron, and clancies experience. Good luck to u Jason…think long and hard about this decision before u do something regrettable. Being away from family for a few years isn’t as bad as it seems, especially when the end goal will be providing for them financially for the rest of urs and their lives. Fight on young man!