USC Football: Will Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas Get Booed?

When De’Anthony Thomas chose Oregon over USC in February of 2011, he did so with tears. He was committed to the Trojans for what seemed like an eternity, all with the hype and star power that only Snoop Dogg and nickname like ‘The Black Mamba’ could bring.

Spurning the Trojans meant that he would be leaving the city he knew, the people he loved and fan base that inflated his stature from blue chipper to phenom. So it would make sense that it was a genuine hard decision for Thomas.

The problem is that fans filling the Coliseum may not see or recognize that remorse come Saturday. The Trojans’ faithful have a history booing and riding lost recruits, namely Cal’s DeSean Jackson and Arizona State’s Vontaze Burfict.

Those two players had different reasons for opting to play elsewhere, with Jackson going to Berkeley out of what could be called spite, Burfict heading to Tempe at the last minute for academic reasons.

While Jackson and Burfict’s defections were widely known in the USC circles, Thomas left in a manner that was more public due to his notoriety as a high school player at Crenshaw and his connection to Snoop Dogg. He’s an inner-city hero and a borderline cultural icon in Los Angeles, which can only add to the angst of the spurned.

So what say you? Is DAT getting booed?

Will you boo De'Anthony Thomas?

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  • Steven Austin

    Trojan fans define class personafied! They respect one’s individual rights as well as their choices and wish everyone well!

  • SanClementeDuck

    Pitiful – you guys don’t get it. Any recruit with half a brain reading this elitist crap should gladly de-commit for 1) the honor of getting booed by such a bunch of hypocrites, and 2) kicking your sorry butts for even thinking of making a tradition of it. Sounds like “SC pride” is clouding your judgement – kinda like why you are top of the national pile in penalties. Go for the boos, DAT and Go Ducks!!

    • Michael Castillo

      75% of the poll said they won’t boo. That’s an overwhelming majority.

      • SanClementeDuck

        Thanks for the clarification, Michael. My faith is returning – I will be convinced of the poll accuracy tomorrow at the game. Looking forward to a close game and maybe some records set on both sides. You gotta admit, having Marqise and DeAnthony on the same team might be a little one sided. This way, we can enjoy the contest.

        • Michael Castillo

          Lee and DAT on the same team just wouldn’t be fair. They’d be playing XBOX.