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Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Could USC Football Decide Election?

Tired of looking at Gallup Polls, Straw Polls and Electoral College projections? Better yet, tired of campaign advertisements as we get closer and closer to next Tuesday’s presidential election? Well, you’re in luck, as the USC Trojans have had a knack for dressing up as Nostradamus for Halloween, or at least in their last home game before a presidential election.

Since World War II, when a president attempts to win their second election, if the Trojans hold their opponent to seven or fewer points, the Republican candidate wins. If the Trojans give up more than a touchdown, the Democrat wins the election.

It’s happened nine straight times.

Year Incumbent Challenger Score Winner
2004 George W. Bush (R) John Kerry (D) USC 38, Washington 0 Republican
1996 Bill Clinton (D) Bob Dole (R) USC 10, Washington 21 Democrat
1992 George W. Bush (R) Bill Clinton (D) USC 31, Wash. St. 21 Democrat
1984 Ronald Reagan (R) Walter Mondale (D) USC 31, California 7 Republican
1980 Jimmy Carter (D) Ronald Reagan (R) USC 60, California 7 Republican
1972 Richard M. Nixon (R) George McGovern (D) USC 34, Washington 7 Republican
1956 Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) Adlai Stevenson (D) USC 35, Washington 7 Republican
1948 Harry S. Truman (D) Thomas E. Dewey (R) USC 7, California 13 Democrat
1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) Thomas E. Dewey (R) USC 28, S. D. Navy 21 Democrat

What’s it mean for the 2012 Presidential Election? Well, judging by Oregon’s high-flying offense, Obama has to be feeling confident. Silver lining for Romney supporters, however? The last time the rule failed was in 1940, when USC played the Oregon Ducks.

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