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USC Football Poll: Fire Lane Kiffin?

When Oregon pulls its foot off of the gas, it’s because they’re up several scores in the first half of games. When Lane Kiffin decides to lay off the jugular, it’s because the Trojans are up just ahead of the spread and Kiffin wants to kill off the game.

It’s the mentality that nearly cost USC the game against Washington two weeks ago, and against Arizona today in Tucson, it allowed the Wildcats to go on a 26-0 run and give them a double-digit fourth quarter lead on the No. 9 ranked Trojans.

When Marqise Lee had 299 yards receiving in the third quarter, Kiffin opted to run the ball extensively with D.J. Morgan and Silas Redd, becoming one dimensional, not to mention multiple passes to fullback Soma Vainuku.

That allowed the Arizona defense to gain confidence in stopping the Trojans and put the USC defense on the field for big chunks of the second half, enabling them to get eaten alive by Matt Scott.

Proof? A third and 22 play that gained 60 yards on a pass from Scott to Austin Hill in the fourth quarter, setting up the go-ahead touchdown.

At this point in Lane Kiffin’s stint at USC, he’s had blame given to him about a lot of things from switching numbers, refusing to talk to media and most importantly, his play calling, which had led him to get out-coached in at least three games this season, losing two.

What should the Trojans do? Kiffin’s done a remarkable job getting USC through the sanctions and he’s recruited masterfully. But his in-game decisions are a weak point for the Trojans and have cost USC on multiple occassions.

Is Pat Haden in a tough spot? Are fans and the media alike over-reacting to Kiffin’s antics? You decide. Vote in our poll and leave your comments below telling us why.

Should USC fire Lane Kiffin?

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    kiffin is a spoiled idiot born with a silver spoon (I wont say where it is) he needs to grow up an get a reaL JOB CLEANING UP THE STADIUM.

    • Michael Castillo

      Let’s hope for the safety of that spoon.

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  • Pjwc1

    He’s proven to be a great recruiter but all the penalties indicate poor coaching. It reminds me of the Paul Hackett era: lots of talent but can’t do squat with it. There’s just no excuse for this kind of undisciplined play.

    • Michael Castillo

      Haven’t thought of the Paul Hackett comparison but it’s surely similar.And actually, it’s similar to the 90s on the whole, bleeding back into John Robinson’s second stint. There was so much top end talent in the 90s, like Russell, Keyshawn and Boselli, yet there was just one Rose Bowl and not a single team that looked national championship calibre despite the hype.

  • Topkick163

    Sadly us Trojan fans are not seeing the team we thought they were. All that talent and so mis-managed with penalties and lousy play calling.

    • Michael Castillo

      That’s definitely a big part of it.

  • hawaiiguy

    Go F yourself Michael, WERE ON SANCTIONS these trojan are undermanned undisciplined and lack consistant execution. Soma 3 drops, Barkley overthrows, Personal Fouls. The coaches are classy and don’t throw the kids under the bus and REME<BER 70<85 @ Arizona + spot 117yds penalties, 3 redzone penalties zero points. Freshman LT (15 yd personal foul at Arizona 17 yd line), Get off it bro your WAY out of LINE. Fight On Trojans

    • Michael Castillo

      Were on sanctions? Not true. They’re still in effect.

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA


  • K-Man

    Kiffin lacks enthusiasm and motivation. He is flat and appears negative and it shows in his players. We just don’t see the excitement on field that was a big part of the Pete Carroll years. It is important to remember these are boys in college and they are supposed to be having some fun. Lane is a downer and I am tired of his negativity. He needs to go. Look at what Jim Mora has done with the “Ruins” he brought confidence and fun. Kiffin needs to go.

  • Earnest

    There is no excuse for a team with this much talent on offense to struggle game after game. Add the lack of player discipline that is killing the team in games comes from the Head Coach.

  • Jonathan Gilde

    I think USC needs to weather this storm. Right now, Oregon is just the best team in the conference. Other teams are on the same level as we are. That’s just what happens.

    Still, we ARE down 10 players. That limits how these guys can practice, which affects their play. Remember that the Carrol years were HORRIBLE with penalties. USC was the best in the conference a couple years ago, so it’s not Kiffin; it’s just this year. While the play calling hasn’t been ideal, Kiffin is definitely NOT boring. If you see him during practice or in meetings, he gets these guys fired up. Kiff just plays it down a lot (mostly) when addressing the media.

    Also, Lane brings a great staff with him. Losing him likely means losing them, which would be a huge blow. For the next 2-3 years, a conference title should be our goal, but fans can’t expect it to be easy by any means. Our guys are talented, but 10 less scholarships per year makes us a lot weaker and other teams stronger.

  • usc_NOT

    Kiffin has NO CHARACTER, looks like a used car salesman.

  • usc_NOT

    Face like Howdy Doody also LOL

  • Suncusser

    Te rest of the PAC-12 wants Troy to keep him. Just like Steve Lavin at UCLA, it’s great for the rest of us when the LA teams shoot themselves in the foot. Can’t see how good recruits will keep coming when their NFL draft status will drop.

  • Wilford Jones

    Lane Kiffin is a great recruiter but can’t coach at all! His immaturity prevents him from leading and training young men to play discipline, controlled-aggressive football. He may grow up in a few years but SC would suffer significantly if he remained as head coach.

  • solalmighty

    Kiffin has one more year to get it right. However, Monte needs to go after this season.

  • solalmighty

    Kiffin needs to give up OC duties after this season. Pat Hayden needs to step up and force this change. Sanctions, smanctions…. we have more talent on our side of the ball every play against every team, despite the sanctions. Our on-field product is way below our talent level. Our two losses are against inferior teams. If we lose to ASU, UCLA… the decision for Pat Haden is a no brainer.

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  • Alphonse Bilicic

    wow… thats alot of yes’

  • trojandoc9

    Lane Kiffen’s approach to the game is terribly flawed. He is putting too much emphasis on offense. The game and champioships are won by the DEFENSE! In the words of the immortal John McKay…”If the other team can’t score, there’s no way you can lose!” Monte Kiffen (the defensive guru) has done a terrible job with this team. The only way to get us back to normal is to make a clean sweep and start fresh. His hire was too quick and indecisive before scouting the field. Fire him now and avoid any further embarassment!!

    • Topkick163

      The Kiffens are dragging this great program down. Monty’s defense couldn’t stop a team of 60 year old women..yet another loss to UCLA and another one coming to NDame..we end up at 7 & 5..pathetic

  • Gpa

    Both of the Kiffin boys need to be walked out the door. Not sure why M.Garret hired them in the first place! Just tired of the lack of integrity and Lanes arogance