Twitter Tuesday: #TelferTweets & Other Gems From USC's Athletes

Alright gang, it’s time to board the Twitter Express! Join us while we peruse some of the best bits from your favorite Trojans. Remember, retweets are not endorsements, and neither are embeds. So punch your tickets, and let’s get this show on the road:

Right you are, Mr. Telfer.

We know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!

I would pay good money to see this.

I see what you did there, Mr. Starr.

Fight On, Devon!

Ok, Mr. Barkley, we see you! We had no idea you were a two sport athlete!

How right you are, Telfer.

Dang, and we thought we were golden!

Way to give back to the kids, Mr. McDonald!

And, hereis the TWEET.OF.THE.DAY.

Seriously, I laughed out loud.

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