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Former USC DB Kevin Ellison Commits Arson With Marijuana, Because God Said To

Just four years ago, Kevin Ellison made a living off of lighting up receivers across the middle of the field, and making Taylor Mays look better than advertised. These days, he’s lighting up not only marijuana cigars, but apartment buildings.

Times have apparently changed for one of the most underrated USC players of the last quarter century, when the current Spokane Shock player committed arson at his home in Washington, because God told him to do so.

According to The Spokesman-Review, a local newspaper in Eastern Washington, Ellison clued the authorities into the motive behind his divine pyrotechnics, after he was taken to the hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered after jumping from the third story of his apartment complex. Yes, the third story.

Ellison was at the hospital when he told Spokane Valley Deputy Fire Marshal Clifton Mehaffey that he’d set the fire with a cigar “because ‘God’ had told him to set the bed on fire.” Mehaffey said Ellison stopped talking to him after he called a family member and was advised to get a lawyer.

Getting a lawyer here is definitely the right call, given that Ellison now faces being charged for felony arson.

A teammate of Ellison’s was in the apartment at the time of the incident, which complicates the legal fallout in a big way. The name of the teammate? Chris Tucker, who is hopefully of no relation to the actor of Smokey in Friday, the marijuana loving sidekick of Craig Jones, the protagonist played by Ice Cube.

The actions of Kevin Ellison are, without question, an embarrassing blemish on the USC brand, especially when you consider that this is his second incident involving drugs since graduating in the spring of 2009. Although charges were ultimately dropped in early 2011, Ellison was arrested for the possession of 100 Vicadin pills in May 2010.

Clearly, Ellison has a problem. And hopefully, the next advice he gets from the man upstairs is to put the blunt out, not pressed against his bedding.

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